Thursday, 28 April 2011

Creepy little sisters

The Eleanor Lamb and and Little sister (LS) 2 pack is another triumph from NECA. The paint job is superb; I'll forgive the over paint on the eye as it looks a little like she is crying which just adds to the creepiness. The LS's blood spattered feet are neither over or under painted. They don't look like they have gone on a killing spree as a lot of figures with blood paint jobs tend to, more like they have walked through one just after it has happened.

They come with a syringe each which fits perfectly in to their hands, they also come with a tiny plastic version of the big daddy soft toy. Each figure has 12 points of articulation.

Both figures can fit on the back of Subject Delta (pics coming soon) and have very good balance so posing them and getting them to stay in that position when on the shelf is quite easy.

Eleanor has the same sculpt as the LS but the feet and complete head is a new sculpt. The only change to the main body is the colour scheme is all white on Eleanor.

If you have any of the big daddy figures (or even if you don't) this is a must buy.

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