Thursday, 2 December 2010

First post in a while

I've been a bit busy of late with a new edition to the fold - a new baby boy. His name is Oliver. He's now 11 wks old and taking up most of my spare time but I had to show this awesome Lego piece. This is a great figure, I'm not sure if this is Elvis or The Karate Kid but it is cracking. For one its a Karate mini fig body but the best bit is the gold mini mini figure. Its head is standard object handle width so it can be held by the head or be pushed in to any hole and its base can fit any peg. The double bonus is you get two in the bag (or at least I did). Wonder whats in series 3?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Big Daddy?? more like HUGE Daddy!

I can't believe I got this in the post yesterday. My girlfriend sent away for it on the sly for no other reason than to make me happy.

This figure is a meaty 6.2" wide and 8.5" tall and solid, very, very solid, again the Detail on this masterpiece from NECA is stunning.
As with Suject Delta the accessories fit perfectly and the paint work is beautiful and flawless. Now if I only had a little sister.......*nudge*.........

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bricks and pieces

These little guys and gal are from the new Lego "blind pull" series. Its the first time Lego have gone down this road mad big by alot of the the Japanese toy companies. Series one has sold well, so roll on series two.

Each mini figure comes with its black stand and the necessary objects to complete the character, top hat, pom pom etc.

If you like Lego you'll love these.

This just came through my door, a preview of Lego mini figures series 2 which will be hitting stores in September.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

PLAY WITH IT!...... except this one.

This picture is of the lid of the lunch box I recived the Uncle Deadly in. It has the Palisades logo on it.

I wanted this to be my first muppet post for three main reasons.
1. Because it's been 5 sad years since one of the best toy companies ever to exist and who completely agreed with my attitude to toys, had to close its doors.
2. Because it's the only full on prototype (therefore star piece) in all my collections.
3. This was the last muppet figure I was able to aquire (cheers Jay!).

So with out further ado, let me introduce to you......Prototype Uncle Deadly!!

I won't put in a detailed summary of the figure as I'll be doing it with the regular figure.
This prototype is the first casting from the mould and is moulded from harder plastic than the mass produced figures. Its done in any colour of plastic just to see what changes, if any, need to be made. There are usualy only one or two of these made.
For some reason this prototype was never given a tail but does have the skull accessory, the skulls name is yorick.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The first of many R2-D2s....... The cassette player.

This is a new acquisition. Its one I've wanted for a while now and finally found on ebay.

At a chunky 10.5" tall this is a monster of a walkman and could be the reason jeans started getting so very, very baggy in the 90's. He has 3 buttons on the shoulder of the right leg, stop, play and FFWD, but strangely no REW. There are 4 FX buttons on the bottom of the front wich are R2's normal sounds. It has a standerd 2.5mm headphone jack on his left leg and the red eye at the front blinks in time with what ever you are playing (I tried a speed metal tape and I thought the poor thing was gonna short circuit), you can hold a massive 2...Yes 2 un-boxed tapes in the middle foot and carry him around with you using the nifty hidden handle in the middle of his head(I think not).

All in all a nice piece but one for the bedside only me thinks.

Who's your big daddy??.......... Subject Delta!!

I was given this piece for my birthday by my girlfriend (no jokes please). It is stunning! The detail is amazing while still keeping its poseability and hiding most of the joints. It stands at an impressive 7.5" and easly passes for a mini statue.
You can remove the right arm drill and replace it with the regular hand seen at the bottom of the pic. The backpack accessory is fantastically moulded and fits perfectly in place, there are even handels and a foot plate so you can place a little sister on his back.

Note family and friends, I'd love the Rosie if your buying. :D

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ssssoooooo..... this is what it's like to have a blog. Its a bit dark in here...

How do you start one of these things? WELCOME!.... no, too formal. Hello *waves*, too weird. To hell with it I'll just start. My name is Steve and I'm an eclectic collector (try saying that 5 times fast)that sounded very alcoholics anonymous, I digress. I buy, or have bought for me, things that I think are cool. The sort of things that even non-collectors might enjoy. The one exception to this is my R2-D2 Stuff, with this I like to get the quirkiest stuff over (or as well as) the best looking stuff. But I'll get to all that in due time. Some of the collectables that will be making an apperance on this blog will be Star Wars, Transformers, comic based stuff, computer game based stuff and more besides. I hope you find somthing you like.....

So in the words of Kermit T Frog, 'It's show time!'