Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The first of many R2-D2s....... The cassette player.

This is a new acquisition. Its one I've wanted for a while now and finally found on ebay.

At a chunky 10.5" tall this is a monster of a walkman and could be the reason jeans started getting so very, very baggy in the 90's. He has 3 buttons on the shoulder of the right leg, stop, play and FFWD, but strangely no REW. There are 4 FX buttons on the bottom of the front wich are R2's normal sounds. It has a standerd 2.5mm headphone jack on his left leg and the red eye at the front blinks in time with what ever you are playing (I tried a speed metal tape and I thought the poor thing was gonna short circuit), you can hold a massive 2...Yes 2 un-boxed tapes in the middle foot and carry him around with you using the nifty hidden handle in the middle of his head(I think not).

All in all a nice piece but one for the bedside only me thinks.

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