Thursday, 3 June 2010

PLAY WITH IT!...... except this one.

This picture is of the lid of the lunch box I recived the Uncle Deadly in. It has the Palisades logo on it.

I wanted this to be my first muppet post for three main reasons.
1. Because it's been 5 sad years since one of the best toy companies ever to exist and who completely agreed with my attitude to toys, had to close its doors.
2. Because it's the only full on prototype (therefore star piece) in all my collections.
3. This was the last muppet figure I was able to aquire (cheers Jay!).

So with out further ado, let me introduce to you......Prototype Uncle Deadly!!

I won't put in a detailed summary of the figure as I'll be doing it with the regular figure.
This prototype is the first casting from the mould and is moulded from harder plastic than the mass produced figures. Its done in any colour of plastic just to see what changes, if any, need to be made. There are usualy only one or two of these made.
For some reason this prototype was never given a tail but does have the skull accessory, the skulls name is yorick.

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