Saturday, 24 September 2011

Animal and custom stage

My first post in the new direction. This is Animal and the Electric Mayhem stage set.

The Animal figure come with the set witch includes stage and drums 6 spotlights, 2 speakers and 2 drum sticks. All amazingly sculpted and painted. The pics i have are after i have modded the lights and stage sign.

The lights are LED X-mas lights. I measured the LED's against a drill bit to get the right size and drilled into the back of each light and round the stage sign and VOILA!! stage lighting.

I'm going to add small but loud speakers in to the speakers so they will give out Muppet songs.

This was a super quick and easy mod/ custom bit to finish up my Electric Mayhem set. the next post will show you how to do a two piece mould for things like action figure of Lego spares.

So until next time ENJOY YOUR TOYS!!

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  1. Good Luck with your new direction ...enjoyed the post.